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My name is Abhilasha, and I write!


Who Am I?

I have learned writing through reading. You'll find a fine fusion of persuasive psychological triggers inspired by Robert Cialdini, and the finesse of Agatha Christie in my writings.
I like to use personal anecdotes in my work.

Packed with passion, I love to explore exciting concepts and mysteries of the world (and beyond).

An ardent consignor of love and kindness. I believe in people, their potential and their prospect. Persistence is the key word here!

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A force to be reckoned

Eldest of three, I believe everything is my responsibility. Which includes making this world a better place (one day at a time.). I want to bring a positive change in your life.
Weapon of choice - A Pen

I like to set high standards for myself and my work (yes, I am part British that way).

It is an old school thing, but I have a vision for my work. A connoisseur copywriter who plays with words to stir emotions!

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